Jul 2, 2013

National Park Service

How many of you guys know about the National Park Service? The reason I ask is because I'm finishing up a year long internship, here in Washington D.C. working for the NPS Interpretation and Education Division. I started this internship last summer after I graduated from college as a summer job prior my teaching career. I did so well that they asked me to stay longer, and here I am. Before coming here I knew nothing about the National Park Service, and what this government agency has to offer educators. Over the past year, I've worked along with the Department of Education, to figure out ways the National Park Service, can share it's resources with teachers and educators. The National Park Service offers tons of professional development programs for educators year round, and I will do my best to share this information with you as I hear about it. I am sad to be leaving my internship in a few weeks, but I know that I was meant to be in the classroom. If you have any questions about the National Park Service please feel free to leave a comment below.... There are tons of opportunities, from field trips, to lesson plans and curriculum, and digital learning for your classroom. Find your local park here.

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