Aug 12, 2013

All About Me Teacher Week

Hey guys, I'm joining Blog Hoppin for the Teacher Week Linky!!!

Before I go in to more details about myself...let me first apologize for not blogging in a little while...last week we had new teacher orientation so I was very busy trying to wrap my brain around everything Education, and today was our first day back for super busy all day...

Okay so ten fun things about me...forgive me if I have repeated a previous blog post.

1. I am a bartender...I paid my way through college by bartending and have become very good at

2. I love to watch movies...I can sit and watch movies all day long...especially mysteries (e.g. Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy)

3. I am a big football fan...GO SKINS (will probably be giving free homework passes when the Skins win!)

4. I am the oldest of six kids (5 girls {including myself} and one boy) brother passed away so it just us girls now, and 3 of my younger sisters are students in the same county that I teach in!!!!

5. I was born in Germany, but unfortunately I do not have dual citizenship because both my parents are

6. I cut all the perm out of my hair two years ago and rocked a very short style...I love having my natural texture and will never go back to the creamy crack (perm) lol

7. I am not a big talker...I like to sit back and listen to what other people have to say

8. I am a very restless sleeper...I always seem to wake up in the middle of the night

9. I love chocolate and was devastated when I found out I was allergic to it as a child...I still eat I know terrible

10. I love children and am looking forward to my first year teaching 6th grade science in middle school!


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